Transplant Programs

Hospital-based transplant programs and transplant centers need a way to manage recipients that connects with national waitlists and allows clinical teams to manage their patients' eligibility. Afflo’s configurable and flexible waitlist management system covers the entire recipient journey from referral to post-transplant, including EMR integration and Patient Portal capabilities.

Waitlist Integration

When a patient enters Afflo as a referral, the system pulls all relevant information directly from hospital databases and primary care provider systems. Integration with labs, EHRs, and other data sources improves the speed and accuracy of patient data sharing through Afflo Connect. As well, serology test results—including cutting-edge Human Leukocyte Antigen (HLA) typing and antibody results—are accepted directly from participating laboratories. Afflo Connect even can pull information from paper-based and electronic forms.

Patient Specific Workflow

Afflo tracks wait time accumulation and allocation eligibility and creates user specific-views and self-reporting for resolution and performance. Authorized users at transplant centers register transplant candidates via a central repository and keep relevant patient information up to date as well as act immediately to ensure that suspended or on-hold patients can get re-listed sooner.

Patient Portal

Afflo allows potential recipients to check their waitlist status and their care providers to monitor patient progress, update clinical conditions, refresh blood test results, and manage post-transplant follow-up and outcomes. Afflo’s waitlist functions monitors the patient's data and will alert the patient and care providers if lab values expire and suspend, withdraw, or put potential recipients on hold.

Better Profiles, Better Matches

Afflo also captures individual patient acceptance criteria and preferences, values that can be automatically updated easily as patient circumstances evolve. Afflo intelligently nudges coordinators when needed to address urgent and new information or collect additional data. More refined patient profiles not only produce better matches, but also improve analysis of outcomes.
Afflo includes predictive capacity using techniques to further inform decision-making. Afflo’s Integration Framework and granular data model also enable reporting on patient-centric analytics such as the odds of receiving a transplant before death at one center compared to another.

Informed Decisions, Faster

Transplant logic goes well beyond algorithms and clinical policy. Afflo's Offer Screening works to define, manage and document recipient and hospital acceptance criteria, and manages notifications, escalations, and data exchange between hospitals, labs, OPOs, and reporting.

Automated Screening

Afflo includes the ability to automate the process of screening offers to reduce the burden on transplant centers. Afflo improves speed-to-right-offer by providing transplant center exclusion filters and offer decline recommendations to make offer acceptance decisions occur as expeditiously as possible, facilitating exponentially faster organ acceptance and reducing organ discards. Manual entry is possible, but no longer necessary.

Policy Management

Afflo's matching and offer engine incorporates local transplant center recipient/patient exclusion policies. Afflo's Policy Management Workbench simplifies and accelerates exclusion policy and rule maintenance and testing by allowing organizations to define acceptable risks and exclusion criteria. Afflo streamlines and automates the organ offer process, reducing the burden on transplant centers while resulting in faster organ acceptance and reduced organ discards.
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