Better Transplant Decisions, Faster.

Solutions Overview

Afflo is a modular platform that delivers connected but separate services. These services can be deployed at individual labs, transplant centers and OPOs, used for cross-functional pilots to drive innovation, or rolled out as the end-to-end system for the largest, most complex jurisdictions.

About Us

Afflo’s integration capabilities and automated workflows capture the data needed to provide a complete picture of patient and donor attributes, as well as operational and logistics needs to ensure faster, better matches. Afflo also empowers policy-makers and transplant leaders tasked with ensuring the system is fair. We collect more end-to-end data from the point of referral through to post-transplant surveys for every organ to better measure access to transplants and equity.

We also created the fastest and easiest way to update and roll out policy and system changes with unmatched organizational autonomy and minimal operational burden. Afflo is more than just technology. We provide clinical support and specialized on-call services for transplant centers to better manage the organ transplant process, including Donor Management, Waitlist Management, and Offer Screening.

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