Measure What Matters.

Performance Insights

Afflo captures everything from pre-referral clinical encounters in EMR and EHRs through to post-transplant data. Designed to capture detailed data, this translates into actionable insights and meaningful quality indicators, Afflo enables the transparency, improvements, and shared knowledge that transplant patients deserve.

Afflo’s interoperability capabilities allows data to be collected, analyzed, and reported across jurisdictions. This enables oversight bodies to better evaluate and improve the transplant ecosystem.  Moreover, the ability to align various data sets and conduct dynamic analysis helps with organ utilization, improved inter-jurisdictional organ sharing, and better patient outcomes.

Afflo’s Performance Analytics module offers self-service reporting, advanced analytics, and data warehousing to assess and improve organ procurement, allocation, and transplant services, as well as our system. From patient intake and donor organ referrals to transplant system performance, Afflo supports ingestion of clinical and non-clinical data for analytics that can be seamlessly built into BI and analytics workflows.

Measure What You Want, To Improve What You Need To

Monitor patient outcomes and current performance indicators like time to organ placement or discard rates and proactively identify and begin to measure new ones like risk-adjusted outcomes. Because our system keeps highly granular data points but is also modular, it supports extensive, highly customizable reporting, auditing and traceability coverage to make compliance easier and system oversight more manageable.

Self-Service Query Tools

Afflo’s innovative, metadata-based approach to the operational database and data warehouses simplifies and accelerates the delivery of other custom business intelligence and analytics reports/queries. Analysts can use common BI/Analytics tools, such as PowerBI, Tableau and many others, to seamlessly access the Afflo cloud-based data warehouse.

Open Data

Publishing and extracting data in Open Format is built into Afflo’s architecture. Afflo can be configured to include a separate data warehouse specific to supporting open data queries. Afflo makes it easy to define new APIs that expose data using appropriate data standards and to ensure that the data shared conforms to legal confidentiality requirements.
External data sources/files can easily be integrated with the cloud-based Afflo Data Warehouse, to facilitate more advanced analytics.