Improving Transplant Through Technology
Afflo has solutions that can accelerate your move to an advanced donor management, waitlist, matching, offer, and transplant program now.
Improving Transplant Through Technology
Afflo is a configurable transplant platform that accelerates your move to advanced matching and offer, donor, and waitlist management.
What we do
End-to-End Transplant Platform for
Complex Jurisdictions
The leading global transplant platform, Afflo is highly configurable to meet the unique demands of large, complex jurisdictions. Afflo's workflows incorporate the latest in medical science to improve the matching, offer, and allocation process. Align clinical workflows from pre-referral to post-transplant with policy rules to put transplant professionals and their patients at the center of the process. Afflo’s integrated data capture and analytics build transparency and equity into the entire life-cycle, resulting in measurable and improved, outcomes.

Hyperscale Technology

The Afflo platform scales and transforms seamlessly at the speed of transplant research, without sacrificing day-to-day operations and uptime. Afflo achieves industry-leading uptime using a distributed, cloud-native infrastructure that not only ensures reliability but also scalability. This means more productivity and more growth without the disruptions even as the system is maintained and improved.

Epitope-Level Crossmatch

Afflo supports HLA antigen/antibody testing at the epitopes/eplets level of resolution, which is critical for matching the the most sensitized patients. Built-in epitope/eplet support including data-field level validations and standards and integration makes adoption and uptake easier for labs and transplant centers.

Decision Support with Predictive Analytics

Afflo's data warehouse collects granular patient-level data as well as organ and donor data to provide decision support. Predictive analytics currently in pilot testing include time-to-next acceptable offer to help both patients and clinicians make better decisions. Decision support also uses HLA data to provide immunosuppressive drug recommendations and other personalized patient insights.

Historical Policy Re-runs

Afflo's Policy Management Workbench lets policy experts rapidly update, test and roll out allocation rules and algorithms in partnership with clinicians to measure the impact of proposed changes.
Non-technical policy experts can easily maintain Afflo's exclusion, ranking and offer decline rules/algorithms along with transplant center and patient specific conditions, with minimal IT involvement. Policies can be rerun against historical data to better understand their impact and to test its future effectiveness.

Low-risk Implementation

Large-scale transitions to a complex enterprise system are inherently risky. Afflo was created as a series of separate, connected services that can integrate with legacy systems for organizations that require a phased transition. Afflo's modern cloud-native architecture also make it easily configurable to any jurisdiction's needs for major transitions that are coordinated and without downtime.
HLA for Better Matches and Decisions
Afflo's Matching and Allocation Engine uses HLA data at a state-of-the-art level, designed in partnership with North America's leading transplant immunology experts and transplant physicians. Pre-set exclusions and filtering reduce non-productive offers and wasted time. Virtual crossmatch at a high resolution mean even the most highly sensitized patients get better matches and offers.

Transparency & Equity

Afflo connects policy decisions to outcomes. With more data points, oversight bodies can help realize openness, fairness, and inclusion with Afflo.
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Afflo has solutions that can accelerate your move to an advanced donor management, waitlist, matching, offer, and transplant program now. Get in touch with us today.
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