Transparency & Equity

Fairness, equity, and inclusion are central to public trust in the organ donation and transplant system but improvement is desperately needed to ensure underserved and at-risk populations have equitable access to transplants.

Afflo provides a path to greater equity across the entire organ transplant ecosystem. Afflo achieves this by utilizing easy-to-use policy configuration, standardized transplant data, and advanced matching and allocation processes.

Easy-To-Use Policy Configuration

The platform provides auditing and logging, with a clear line of sight to all to all matching and exclusion transactions. The platform’s rules engine allows both easy-to-use policy configuration and clear outcome visibility, eliminating the obscure and vague connection between donors and recipients. Afflo includes tools to understand expected wait times until there is a similar or better organ offer when they choose to accept or decline an organ offer.

Complete Life-Cycle

Afflo captures end-to-end, standardized transplant data at a highly granular level across the transplant ecosystem, allowing for unparalleled access, sharing, analysis, and reporting for clinical users, policy makers and the public. Afflo exposes anonymized data, enabling the development of intelligence insights that provide the ultimate transparency for interested stakeholders.
Afflo tracks point-in-time, highly granular data in the end-to-end donation and transplant process for a complete view of transplant performance.

Matching and Allocation Policies

Our system can analyze how policy and rule changes might impact future matches, which helps make sense of the factors that contribute to inequities in the matching and allocation policies. Afflo has been designed to allow policymakers and care providers to act on data. Our Policy Management Workbench allows users to quickly implement policy rules to achieve more equitable organ offers and transplants.
Afflo’s Matching Engine simplifies policy configuration by visually representing the rules and allowing for traceability between decisions and outcomes, thereby to transparency and equity.