Our work

Offer Screening

Recognizing that offer acceptance is a time-sensitive process. Afflo provides instantaneous answers. Afflo automates offer acceptance to enable transplant programs make better decisions, faster.

Informed Decisions, Faster

Transplant logic goes well beyond algorithms and clinical policy. Afflo's Offer Screening works to define, manage and document recipient and hospital acceptance criteria, and manages notifications, escalations, and data exchange between hospitals, labs, OPOs, and reporting.

Automated Screening

Afflo includes the ability to automate the process of screening offers to reduce the burden on transplant centers. Afflo improves speed-to-right-offer by providing transplant center exclusion filters and offer decline recommentations to make offer acceptance decisions occur as expeditiously as possible, facilitating exponentially faster organ acceptance and reducing organ discards. Manual entry is possible, but no longer necessary.

Policy Management

Afflo's matching and offer engine incorporates local transplant center recipient/patient exclusion policies. Afflo's Policy Management Workbench simplifies and accelerates exclusion policy and rule maintenance and testing by allowing organizations to define acceptable risks and exclusion criteria. Afflo streamlines and automates the organ offer process, reducing the burden on transplant centers while resulting in faster organ acceptance and reduced organ discards.