Better Conversations, Better Outcomes.

Communication and Coordination

Afflo enhances and modernizes organ transplant communications by offering secure chat that embeds clinical information to drive informed decisions, faster.

Our work
Our reliable and cohesive cloud-native software improves communication and transforms data processing, delivering the correct results, to the right person, at the right time. With our multi-layered security architecture and data encryption, all messaging and attachments remain confidential and protected.
Afflo’s secure chat functions help experts contextualize and follow up on the data they receive in real-time, as well as securely coordinate stakeholder efforts before, during, and after organ offers.
Timeliness in implementing changes is also critical to communication and coordination. Our unique architecture and toolset allows for insights to be actioned through system changes, updates, pilot initiatives, and cross-functional collaborative working groups.

Doctors, OPO & Coordinators

Doctor and staff communication are optimized through the use of an Afflo integrated platform for patient information access and discussion.


In-app communication developed to better connect patients with crucial healthcare access and information


Organ transplantation is a taxing process, and important information can easily be misremembered or forgotten. This is why we have regular, personalized reminders sent to patients for all post-care routine steps and appointments.