Translating High Organ Donation Rates into Quality Transplant Outcomes: Lessons from Spain

April 9, 2023

Spain has been recognized as a leading transplant jurisdiction with some of the highest organ donation rates in the world. Other jurisdictions have been trying to follow in Spain’s footsteps to achieve similar success in increasing organ donation.

Spain’s National Transplant Organization (ONT) is building on the success of its world-renowned model (high organ donation index) to make sure that in addition to maintaining a leading position in the quantity of donated organs, it also focuses on the quality of transplant outcomes.

To achieve this objective, ONT looks to improve the quality of donation and transplant data, as well as integration and interoperability between existing IT systems for better analytics on operational processes (organ donation, potential recipient intake, waitlist management, and post-transplant data points).

Designed in conjunction with leading clinical transplant experts, Afflo features an integration platform to connect users, accelerate the transplant process, and improve patient and system outcomes. Integration with external systems helps avoid duplicate data entry and associated errors and inefficiencies. Data can be accessed quickly and efficiently.

Data accuracy and quality is further supported through field-level validation, pick-lists and drop-downs, and minimization of free text fields where possible. Through our platform’s performance analytics, the quality of insights is also greatly improved.

We are learning from Spain: quality matters just as much as quantity when it comes to organ donation and transplantation.

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