Patient-Centered Organ Allocation: Lessons from Switzerland

April 9, 2023

Organ donation and transplantation is usually governed by law. Many countries pass national legislation to ensure equity and transparency in organ allocation.

Switzerland has recently introduced patient-centered allocation policies into its transplantation law. Data and allocation algorithms govern patient rankings on the waitlist to guarantee that organ matching and allocation are performed equitably.

To make sure that everyone has a chance to receive a life-saving organ, the new Swiss law requires organ allocation to weigh factors such as urgency, medical benefit, equity, and time on the waitlist. The process of allocation has been reviewed in light of the legislation. Audits are performed regularly to check compliance when patients are being waitlisted and organ matches are being run.

Switzerland is one of many examples of different countries where changing legislation around transplantation has had an impact on the process of organ allocation.

Afflo’s Transplant Management Solution is built with equity and fairness in mind. Our Matching and Offer Engine generates ranked allocation recommendations based on rules predefined by relevant legislation or regulations around organ allocation. All offers are timed and their responses are time stamped and logged to support analytics and audit requirements. This ensures that allocation is patient-centric, equitable and transparent.

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