Is a Monolith System the Best Solution for Organ Donation, Allocation and Transplant Management?

April 9, 2023

Organ donation and allocation often involve multiple stakeholders across geographies. In the case of some European jurisdictions, organ donation is performed locally while organ allocation is run by a centralized European authority. However, there are cases when allocation is done by the same program where an organ has been donated.

For example, Germany’s Foundation for Organ Transplantation (DSO) coordinates the process of organ donation while the Eurotransplant organization (ET) based in the Netherlands runs organ matches and allocates organs to ranked recipients on waitlists in eight Eurotransplant member states, with potential recipients geographically distributed.

There are some cases, however, when there is risk of an organ loss due to the complexity of coordinating logistics. In those cases, organs may be offered primarily within the geographical region where they are donated. This means that if an organ has been donated in Saxony in Germany, regional medical centers in that region obtain the right to select up to two suitable recipients from the waitlist and report them to Eurotransplant for allocation. ET then allocates the organ within this geographically restricted group of patients. This requires that all data from various regions (e.g. insurance information) as well as other specific information recorded according to program requirements is integrated in a uniform way and is available when needed.

As this example demonstrates, a monolith system cannot easily accommodate diverse allocation scenarios. A flexible, modular system is needed when there is a risk of organ loss and a quick switch to a geographically-restricted allocation process becomes necessary.

Afflo’s modular architecture provides unparalleled flexibility in accommodating data requirements across jurisdictions in various allocation scenarios (e.g., with requirements of various organ donation/ intake/waitlist fields for different regions or even transplant programs/hospitals).

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