Interoperability Lessons from the Dutch Transplant Foundation (NTS)

April 9, 2023

At Afflo, we see seamless interoperability between healthcare systems as a critical success factor in streamlining the transplant process. We know instant, secure, reliable data exchange saves more lives and improves patient outcomes. Recent initiatives in the Netherlands reflect similar priorities.

The Netherlands is one of the eight Member States that collaborates within the organ sharing organization Eurotransplant (ET). The Nederland Transplantatiestichting (NTS) has been licensed by the Dutch Ministry of Health and Welfare as the authority for organ allocation in the Netherlands and reports to the Department of Health. NTS maintains the national waiting list for patients who need organs or tissues, donor reporting, organ and tissue allocation, development of organ retrieval programs in hospitals and public education initiatives

2018 was a defining year for technology modernization and independent initiatives for NTS, which previously relied on Eurotransplant for IT operations. The NTS has a number of partnerships with a variety of Dutch healthcare institutions and interoperability is the new mandate. A major milestone was achieved in 2018 with a crossover application and NTS started using its own data warehouse for tissue donation data. NTS also began to further digitize work processes within the institutions that provide healthcare.  The Dutch Minister of Health and Sports, Bruno Bruins, directed that healthcare institutions are obliged to take a step-by-step comprehensive approach to exchange digital data with each other in a transparent manner.

Afflo's Connect interoperability platform responds to the critical importance of data sharing by enabling healthcare information exchange between any combination of on-premises or cloud-based endpoints in real-time. Afflo's advanced data integration approach enables organizations, labs and healthcare providers to create secure, real-time and effective data connections while reducing the integration burdens most organizations face today.

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