Can Online transplant offers reduce administrative burden

April 9, 2023

Offering matched organs to transplant programs can be time-consuming and require a lot of manual input to verify matching criteria and lab test data. More and more transplant associations around the world are incorporating organ offer functionality into their existing systems to ease the burden on the transplant coordinators and others involved in this complicated process.

ScandiaTransplant, an established European organ exchange network that oversees donor management and organ allocation across Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Estonia, has taken the lead by adding organ offer functionality into its recent IT system priorities. When registering an organ offer, users of ScandiaTransplant’s software YASWA may choose if the organ will be sent internally to ScandiaTransplant member countries, or if the offer is sent externally to all the EU countries, or both.

The users can then fill in details of the offer and preview the PDF of the organ offer before sending it. Once the offer has been sent, the system sends text messages and emails to all transplant coordinators on duty in SCTP’s member transplant centres and emails all transplant centres and relevant health authorities.

At Afflo, we learn from the best global practices. Our Enterprise Transplant Management Platform’s E-Offer Module helps reduce the administrative burden associated with organ offer. Afflo’s E-Offer is able to send primary offers and backup offers based on ranking to multiple programs simultaneously, giving timely notice and relevant clinical information to assist decisions, track responses for clinical and audit purposes, in addition to real-time status monitoring on all offers and responses, improving follow-up speed. The availability of offer and response statistics for analytics and quality improvement is also important for overall system performance and efficient opportunity identification.

Afflo E-offer functionality allows for rapid review and comparison of relevant donor, organ, and patient transplant data, and streamlines the offer acceptance process by reducing inefficient manual processes and administrative burden.

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